Restaurant Grillig
Zoetermeer, Dorpsstraat

  • afbeelding
  • afbeelding
    Feel like having a nicer dinner in a quaint restaurant? At Restaurant Grillig in the old town center of Zoetermeer, 35 euros buys you a delicious three course menu with several grill specialties, including 5 consumptions! Of course, you can also make your own choice out of the many grill dishes.

    Restaurant Grillig specializes in fish- and meat dishes that are cooked fresh on the grill. Be surprised by the diverse tasty dishes on the menu, such as the highly popular grilled steak with country fries and baked potato!

    The atmosphere at Grillig is classical, with a hint of country. The restaurant is small but cozy. You’ll find the restaurant on the second floor, in an old classroom. The staff is very friendly and quick, and the customers are very diverse, but mostly 30+.

    Try the fresh tuna, caught with rod (line fished yellowfin tuna), one of the many specialties. The restaurant is also very suitable for groups. One can choose either an all-inclusive arrangement or food a la carte. Also good to know; there is free parking directly behind the restaurant.