Het Stuivertje
Amsterdam, Jordaan

  • winkelen amsterdam restaurant het stuivertje
  • winkelen amsterdam restaurant het stuivertje
    Restaurant 't Stuivertje offers a dining experience that allows customers to dine in the way that 19th century sailors were accustomed to before embarking on the long trip home: with delicious, real old-fashioned Dutch dishes like fried calf or chicken livers, shrimp cocktails or tonguefish. Of course, this restaurant has much more to offer. Other delicious fish, meat or vegetarian dishes, a variety of great salads and for those of you with a sweet tooth, there is a wide selection of desserts. Want to finish the night with something out of the ordinary? Why not try one of our special coffees? A great alternative. Locals stop by regularly for a bite to eat, but tourists who find their way to the restaurants feel right at home as well. The delicious liqueurs by Van Wees are very popular, especially with those who are from other regions of the country. The slightly older generation loves the traditional fried calf liver.

    't Stuivertje is welcoming and cosy. It is a smal restaurant, seating approximately 40 people. The pleasant bistro-like look, with its dark brown, wooden furniture creates a warm atmospere where the customer feels right at home.