Restaurant Tabkeaw
Maastricht, Wyck

  • winkelen maastricht restaurant tabkeaw
  • winkelen maastricht restaurant tabkeaw
    Restaurant Tabkeaw is the place for authentic Thai curry’s, soups, a la minute prepared wok dishes and whole fried red snapper. Vegetarians also have plenty of dishes to choose from.

    Enjoy the sensation of being in Thailand. The restaurant radiates the country’s typical atmosphere. The cutlery, tableware and tablecloths are all from Thailand, including the ingredients and spices. Even the beverages, like beers and whiskeys, are from Thailand.

    The restaurant has a pleasant and informal atmosphere. Everyone feels at home due to the warm interior and friendly staff.

    Owners Monika and Armand Lennartz started this restaurant due to their fascination for Thailand, the culture, the food but especially the people. They proudly regard Thailand as the country with the eternal smile. 

    Take away is also possible.