Ron for Run
Maastricht, Wyck

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  • winkelen maastricht ron for run
    At Ron for Run, both amateurs and professionals benefit from the 30 year experience of track and field athlete Ron van der Sluijs (triathlon and duathlon), who now also works as trainer and coach of many different athletes. Using analysis by use of a tredmill videotape, a running test through the Rechtstraat and a foot-measurement, the perfect running shoe is selected for each individual customer, guaranteeing the very best, most effective running experience. A personalized training advice and instructions on the use of a heart-rate meter are included. Thus, Ron makes sure every runner is adequately informed on their own ultimate running shoe, along with competition athlete Carl de Bont and triathlon athlete Lars van der Eerden. Effective sportswear for running and triathlon and wetsuits are also available, and another part of the collection is nutritional supplements for athletes by Actus, Powerbar, Maxim, Isostar and Extran. Accessories also available, including sports watches, heart-rate meters (Polar dealer), spikes, coldpacks, running socks and many, many more. Your new running shoes even have a trial basis so you can exchange them when unsatisfied! Ron for Run is the definitive running-specialist in and around Maastricht.

    Asics, Nike, Mizuno, Adidas, New Balance, Karhu, Brooks en Saucony, Saucony, Hind, Odlo, Concurve, Craft, RONO, Sugoi, Brooks, Ironman, Orca.