Rosereijn Eetcafé
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerdijk

  • winkelen amsterdam rosereijn eetcafe
  • winkelen amsterdam rosereijn eetcafe
    Delicious meat and seafood dishes, served with tasty, homemade fries and salad. Vegetarian dishes as well. A weekly changing menu with a plate of the day, fish of the day and a luxury meat dish. Lunch from 12 o’ clock, and dinner from 5.

    A very cozy bar, homemade patés and the traditional Captain’s Dinner are very popular specialties here.

    A cozyness and warmth that reminds of times gone by. A very friendly staff.

    Once, Eetcafe Rosereijn was the spot where sailors came to drink and prepare for long, hard travels across the seas and here they toasted to their safe return.