Rutte & Zn
Dordrecht, Centrum

  • winkelen dordrecht rutte zn
  • winkelen dordrecht rutte zn
    The distillers Rutte &Zn are located in an old historical building, which is a paradise for the lovers of the tasting the old fashioned delicious drink. At Rutte & Zn at least 55 distilled drinks are presented and sold in the finest manner. Just think of the jenevers (Dutch Gin) liqueurs, vodka and aquavit. This cosy distillery and shop is dated back to 1872 and is still in the original style. One is warmly welcomes for a delicious tasting, or a workshop in the stylish tasting room. (for groups only by appointment)

    For five generations long Rutte &Zn have been brewing and distilling their own jenevers and liqueurs of a very high quality. They only use and apply the best natural materials, which is obvious! The knowledgeable and lovers of a delicious drink, which is distilled in the real old fashioned way, have know about this business for years.

    From the moment one walks over the threshold of this shop one is taken back in time. One feels one is in another century. The distillery and shop have been established since 1872. The interior is in the original condition and is well looked after.

    The atmospheric tasting room is on a higher floor of this shop. This room used to be Simon Ruttes room, the founder of this establishment .During the tasting process one gets to hear about the actual ingredients and brewing methods used. You see and smell the distillery kettle, which is usually working, and you can taste right there on the spot. Besides the tasting experience there are workshops available for the making of liqueurs and jenever; which is a lovely idea for a cosy learning experience (this can also be arranged in combination with tasty bites and nibbles arrangement) Tasting, and workshops can be arranged if one goes to: proefkamer @rutte.nl

    With the use of their own brand name Rutte&Zn make their own jenevers and Liquers,which are in supply in most of Netherlands liquor stores. Also to be had in the Rutte shop. At such a special distillery, this is the place to come to, and one only has to think of the example of Rozenliquor, tea liquors from Selderij, and simply to treat oneself. Besides all of the above Rutte sell cognac, wonderful wines and special ports ad whiskeys.