Senso per Uomini
Den Haag, Denneweg

  • winkelen den haag senso per uomini
  • winkelen den haag senso per uomini
    An endless wandering around the fashion houses and studios of London, Paris and Milan finally resulted in Senso aspiring to a new men’s wear collection.From the classical business suit to easy casual wear. Every inch the gentleman.

    Fashion has a beautiful form of its own, as much in the media as in one’s surroundings.Senso is aware of this like no other and shares his knowledge and feeling with his clients.. This results in striking , personal outfits, with magnificent cut and cloth. Egbert Zwier , the fashion photographer sets the tone with a Milanese atmosphere.His work with international magazines allows an open connection into the fashion world.

    Zwier has an enormous place, on the Denneweg,which with his taste is suitably and fashionably furnished - diagonally across from the Grand hotel Des Indes - Atmosphere and allure are fitting to this famous part of The Hague as is its style and service.. A visit to Senso’s is an amazing experience.

    Senso’s has expanded the last five years into a “hotspot” for men who wish to augment their distinction!

    Kenzo homme, Red Wing, Moncler, Holland Esquire, Corneliani Trend, Marithé François Girbaud, Fugáto, Brian Dales.