Serge Knipkunst
Leiden, Leiden Centrum

  • winkelen leiden serge knipkunst
  • winkelen leiden serge knipkunst
    Revise your appearance by visiting this cosy salon and discover what Serge’s loyal customers already know. Many satisfied customers not only get their hair cut, but have it dyed too for an entirely new look.

    This roomy, cosy building is beautifully situated on the canal, in Leiden’s old town center. The beautiful salon invites you to come in, and waiting here is never a chore. Just pull up a chair on the big reading table or gaze at the small but unique collection of jewelry and accessories; time will fly.

    The fresh ambiance of this salon is enhanced by the friendly staff, which is very professional and loves to have a chat with customers. Have a look yourself and come in. There’s ample parking space.

    Owner Sarine Schaap found her freedom in this building fifteen years ago. Ever since then she’s been realising her own dreams and those of many satisfied customers.