Singel Optiek
Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

  • winkelen amsterdam singel optiek
  • winkelen amsterdam singel optiek
    Varied, beautiful assortment of prescription glasses, sunglasses, contacts and accessories.

    The selection of the perfect pair of glasses has everything to do with the relation between customer and staff at Singel Optiek. Taking experience, professionalism and honest advice into account, ultimately it’s the customer who makes the final decision. The extensive selection will ensure everybody finds exactly what he or she needs here, clientèle is just as diverse as the assortment is here.

    The atmosphere in this beautiful, ancient canal-house is truly informal Amsterdam, nothing too trendy, but definitely not old-fashioned either.

    Before settling on the Singel, this store could be found in the Bijenkorf on the second floor.

    Gucci, Chanel Valentino, Voque, Ray-Ban, John-Richmond, et cetera. From the most renowned brand to affordable quality brands.