• winkelen haarlem sipkes
  • winkelen haarlem sipkes
    Contemporary quality jewelry and watches, designed, produced and sold by this stores’ staff of four. The collection also includes jewelry and watches by other craftsmen.

    The designers let their creativity run free in their own workshop. This results in an extensive collection of contemporary, timeless, quality jewelry. The assortment exudes quality craftsmanship, the materials used here include platinum, gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel. This store delivers proof that beautiful jewelry shouldn’t have to cost a fortune, most customers are pleasantly surprised by the low prices here.

    Warm and friendly. The designers, who sell their own creations, thoroughly enjoy their work and take great pleasure in seeing customers leave their store glowing, having found the perfect piece to wear.

    This workshop has existed since 1969 and was founded by Rob Sipkes. In 2000 the next generation of the Sipkes family took over, along with the employees that had been around for many years. 

    The customers can have their wishes come true here when it comes to jewelry and stainless steel. Their specialty is wedding rings, not the ones you’ll find in any store but truly original, exciting pieces. A lasting memory of the most beautiful day in your life.

    Their very own Sipkes-collection, the Bunz Collection, Déko Art, watches by Alex, Quinn, Frans Zeegers, Carl Dau.