Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam sjerpetine
  • winkelen amsterdam sjerpetine
    This storeís collection is widely diverse. You can stop by for clothes, headwear, jewellery and shawls, but they also have a small collection of brocant items, including cups, plates and Maria statuettes.

    The clothes and accessories at Sjerpentine are aimed at a wide audience, ranging from young to old, from hip to classic and from alternative to trendy. Anyone can succeed here, and the friendly staff is more than willing to assist you.

    The colours appear to come at you as soon as you walk through the door. But itís not just the colours that are remarkable. The interior design itself is not exactly common either. It consists of old closets, murals with angels and flower-filled chandeliers. The clothes are arranged according to colour, creating an extraordinary effect.

    Rene Dherry, Utam London, Susana Lie, Hamaca, Smash,Yumi, Peaches, Corel, Viva Maria, Intwo,Art,Normal Crazy, Boris, Bohemian, Lysgaard, Noa Noa and a large number of smaller (unknown) brands.