• winkelen amsterdam slagerij van dam
  • winkelen amsterdam slagerij van dam
    The meats of Van Dam are an addiction to connoisseurs and a treat for meat lovers. The varied offering of daily fresh meats, meals, salads and home-made sandwiches is always of the highest quality, guaranteed.

    Because the meat comes from the home sausage factory, this old-fashioned butcher distinguishes itself not only in variety, but also in the authenticity of her products. Van Dam also specializes in freshly made sandwiches.

    This luxury butcher distinguishes itself with its warm, cozy atmosphere in which personal attention to the customer is key. Because of the upscale audience with the right Amsterdam mentality, there is always something going on here. Situated on the corner of the Johannes Verhulststraat and the posh Cornelis Schuytstraat, Slagerij Van Dam is also easily accessible by car.

    Van Dam is a true family-owned business with a rich history. The public has learned to appreciate this quality, which helped this luxury butcher grow into a phenomenon in its neighborhood.

    This is a butcher with an extensive offering of daily fresh meats, meals, salads and sandwiches.