Sport en Spel
Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam sport en spel
  • winkelen amsterdam sport en spel
    This cosy store releases the child within you. Hop along to Sport and Spel and look for that one game you used to play so often, or find something totally new. The assortment is very extensive: ranging from board and card games, chess and dam material, poker articles, dart boards and bowling to football tables, table tennis tables, Frisbee’s, dumbbells, diving equipment and various types of balls (for football, volleyball and basketball) .

    A lot of boardgames are sold in the winter, and in the summer people buy Frisbee’s and beach items. In addition to all the new games sold here, you can also bring in your old games for repair. Think of old football tables’ little men. You’ll really him them to win that vital match...

    Ideally located on the Ceintuurbaan, this shop lies in a beautiful environment with cheap parking tariffs for vehicles (10 cent p/h during peak hours). The employees are always up to date on the games front. They will even find an alternative games shop if an item isn’t in stock.

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