Steakhouse San Pedro
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat

  • winkelen amsterdam steakhouse san pedro
  • winkelen amsterdam steakhouse san pedro
    Enjoy the classic, original, tender steak or mixed grill. With delicious, meat, fish and vegetarian dishes the San Pedro Steakhouse brings out the best of the Argentinean kitchen .Enjoy in a lovely ambiance, and at a reasonable price, daily fresh products and more than thirty quality Argentinean wines.

    Because of the diverse menu an evening at Sen Pedros is also an unforgettable experience for children. One has no need to rush, the restaurant is open weekly until 1am.in the morning and until 3am on Saturdays. Besides this the restaurant the restaurant is accommodating, and has the possibilities to hold parties and receptions.

    Argentinean conviviality in the Argentinean atmosphere. Everyone is made to feel welcome in this handsomely appointed restaurant. The informal multicultural character of the Haarlemmerstraat does the rest.

    Besides the original Argentinean steak and mixed grill there is a wide choice of soups, salads fish and vegetarian dishes.

    The Argentinean owner Alsabti is well know for his hospitality and experience. His passion for cooking is proof enough in the delicious presented meals. For years he has given his heart to the catering business.