Nijmegen, Centrum

  • winkelen nijmegen stippels
  • winkelen nijmegen stippels
    You will find a wide selection of gift themes here: living, kitchen, kids and accessories.

    How often do you end up wondering around town searching for a gift. Stippels is your solution. You’ll find the perfect gift here. This shop has a large assortment, and frequently varies their collection. Because of their retail connections with “do it yourself”-gift creators, you will always end up with a unique gift.

    The atmosphere is very inviting. The interior is happy, colourful and very original.

    Sisters Lien and Marieke van Meurs started this shop because they were both looking for a challenge, and they definitely found it with Stippels

    Pylones, Rice, Silly, the go'round, House doctor, Shanghai toy's, engelpunt, kitchen trend, global affairs, happy horse, derriere la porte, colorique, i-catchers, on the move, cherubijn, belltree, productief, xplorys, huisteilcreaties, cellarrich.