SUKHA Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat

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  • winkelen amsterdam sukha amsterdam
    Sukha, in the beautiful Haarlemmerstraat, is a delightful modern warehouse with a unique collection of clothing, furniture, jewelry, and even workshops and travel services! Sukha means joy of life, which is what the owner tries to bestow upon her customers with beautiful fair trade products. Items have been selected, purchased, and displayed with love and care.

    Sukha is all about fashion, home improvement, art, beauty products, workshops, and books that bring joy to your life. From Dutch soil, ecological, or from exotic places: everything here has been selected carefully and give you lots of inspiration. The customers are very diverse, but they all love unique items!

    Sukha is located in a beautiful, roomy building. All items are presented tastefully and with an eye for details. The atmosphere is open, accessible, quiet, and pure, with lots of light.

    Sukha is open on Sunday afternoon. The Haarlemmerstraat was picked as best shopping street of 2011 for a reason! Here, you’ll find the best places. Want to keep in touch with Sukha? Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

    Sukha has a home label with beautiful, pure products from India, Nepal, Peru, and Indonesia. They are all fair trade and/or handmade products which have been made with love. You’ll also find the beautiful brands Humanoid, Camilla Norrback, Dagmar, Studio Jux, Studio Ruig, Antik Batik (fashion) Zilalila, Ali lamu, Infinit, and Heins Home (living).