't Kruithuis
Alkmaar, Centrum

  • winkelen alkmaar t kruithuis
  • winkelen alkmaar t kruithuis
    This store’s collection consists of antiques and knick-knacks from grandmother’s time. The collection is wide and has something to accommodate all tastes. It includes glasswork, dinner service, glazed pottery, jewellery, old tins, table linen and vintage clothing. The store also offers leftovers from new collections.

    ‘t Kruithuis is a true paradise for collectors and people who are looking for something special. It has a beautiful collection of antiques and knick-knacks and their attempts to keep prices affordable, enable anyone to succeed here.

    The store is located in two historical buildings. The largest and oldest one of the two dates back to 1604 and it show remnants of the 14th century monastery that was once the social hub of this neighbourhood. Old facade stones inside the building serve as reminders of the time when the building used to house a gunpowder storage. The second building dates back to 1901 and still has its original stained glass windows. The historical character is reflected inside the building by way of antique store cabinets.

    The building also houses an English tea house, where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee and a slice of homemade apple pie. High teas are also available, upon reservation.