't Stomerijtje
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerdijk

  • winkelen amsterdam t stomerijtje
  • winkelen amsterdam t stomerijtje
    In this small shop you will find : special wrapping paper, ribbons, notebooks, hand made writing paper, decorations. Thirty-some carousels of greeting cards. On the top floor you will find an extensive collection of black and white cards.

    An unusual combination of dry-cleaner and shop where special greeting cards (and lots more) are sold. The dry-cleaner offers environmentally friendly quality (for 10 years now). Clients are enthusiastic over the card assortment and the owner enjoys visiting conventions and publishers seeking original cards.

    Relaxed, peaceful music by the Millers or baroque music to pick out a card by.

    Erte, Incognito, Sowa, Fotofolio, Milk, Loesje, Marimekko, Pomegranate, Stewo, Bolsius, Gisela Graham