• winkelen amsterdam tangram
  • winkelen amsterdam tangram
    This store has something to offer for everyone. Young and old are all over the fun, original gift items, from designer toasters to levitating book shelves.

    Tangram not only offers a fixed, wide collection of extraordinary, high quality items, they also introduce new products on a weekly basis. This makes it into the ideal store if you’re looking for an original gift. Furthermore, they will wrap it in their own unique, personal style, which completes the surprise.

    The store’s atmosphere is warm and colourful. It is impossible to leave this store without a smile on your face. This is amplified by the friendly and helpful staff, that always does its best to make you feel welcome.

    Pylones, Pol's Potten, Abodee, Anne Claire Petit, Jelly cat, Donna Wilson, Sentou, Romi Import and many more.