Tapas & Co Restaurant
Alkmaar, Centrum

  • winkelen alkmaar tapas co
  • winkelen alkmaar tapas co
    This lively restaurant combines the best qualities of the Latin American and Mediterranean kitchens with surprising ease. On the menu are classic Spanish tapas and crème Catalana, but also beautiful Mexican specialties such as fajitas and salsa chipotle. Also, be sure to try the different grilled entrees.

    Latin American hospitality in downtown Alkmaar. Upon entry, it becomes clear that the staff loves working here. The chef realises a successful marriage of Spanish and Latin American flavors. A rare pleasure, worth experiencing.

    The relaxing Spanish guitar music and the homely atmosphere contribute to a warm ambiance. It’s great to see this passionate cuisine living in the Netherlands.

    Open on Sundays.

    Owner Peter de Jong was inspired by his years of work as a business owner, and is now living his dream owning his own store.