• winkelen amsterdam teuntje
  • winkelen amsterdam teuntje
    From the very first cute little onesies to cool clothing to elementary school: Teuntje offers great children’s clothes and much much more! Strollers in all shapes and sizes, wonderful and durable toys and childrens books; Teuntje has it all: this specialised store offers everything under one roof, including thorough and expert advice.

    Very few stores in the Netherlands boast such a diverse and specialised collection. But the truly distinguishing characteristic is Teuntje’s know-how and unique image. Customers keep returning, from the first few months of pregnancy until that baby has grown up to be a teenager, which is why they have started selling attire for teenagers. Of course, this is a great address for original and affordable gifts, and expert advice is always available.

    The atmosphere is welcoming and mellow. The staff is professional and friendly. Children can play as much as they want while their parents shop as much as they want. An ideal combination.

    The Haarlemmerdijk finished second in NL Streets’ best shopping street election, and with good reason! It offers a unique collection of great specialised stores, so be sure to stop by for a unique shopping experience.

    Dr Browns; Medela; Shampoodle; Maxomorra; Bergstein; Petit Bateau; Name-it; Molo; Mim-pi; Bugaboo; Phil and Ted's; Sophie de giraffe; Monta; Barts; Bobux; Bonnie Doon; Bardossa and many more!