• winkelen amsterdam thai co
  • winkelen amsterdam thai co
    Authentic Thai eatery. To give you an impression of the tasty offering: a delicious appetizer that consists of, for example, Thai fish cookies, and the equally delicious and fresh entrees which are made on a basis of curry. After which you may enjoy a Thai desert.

    All ingredients are fresh, all entrees have the authentic Thai taste, and artificial flavor enhancers are avoided. The many regulars love the great food and the no nonsense character of Thai & Co.

    Organized, but with a Thai touch. No fakery. It’s not crowded or noisy, the atmosphere is casual, also thanks to the friendly service.

    You may pay with your credit card here. At Thay & Co you can also get all entrees for take away. When ordering over the phone, this will usually save you 15 minutes waiting.

    The owner started her store with a clear purpose: selling great and healthy Thai food. No more, no less.