The Art of Camouflage
Den Haag, Hofkwartier

  • winkelen den haag the art of camouflage
  • winkelen den haag the art of camouflage
    The Art of Camouflage’s collection has the highest quality of shirts, a broad selection of sevenfold ties and many other accessories.

    One finds here a varied assortment of lovely shirts. Each shirt has the same slim fitting, made from the best Italian materials, with finest finishing details .The shirts are often produced with different colored buttons, stitching, or inside cuffs. There by , differentiating these trim shirts from others.

    The Art of Camouflage is well arranged and very approachable establishment. The shop has a light yet classic interior design, with natural stone, leather, and wood surroundings.. The shirts are modern, and stylishly presented both with the colors and shape.

    About 15 – 20% of the shirts in this collection are available with a 7 arm length.

    The Art of Camouflage