The Artshop
Amsterdam, Centrum

  • winkelen amsterdam the artshop
  • winkelen amsterdam the artshop
    This gallery’s collection consists of objects, prints, photography and original paintings by both better and lesser known artists.

    The Art Shop collaborates directly with the artists that create their collection, allowing them access to the most beautiful and most recent works. They also work together with the artist in publishing prints and releasing objects. No matter the size of your wallet, you’re sure to succeed here.

    The store has a classy atmosphere, but at the same time there is an air of informality and accessibility.

    They also offer the option of leasing art, both to private parties and businesses.

    Herman Brood, Peter Klashorst, Jacqueline Schafer, Guy olivier, Espen Greger Hagen, Jef Poldervaart, Floyd Douglas and many more.