The Factory
Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam the factory
  • winkelen amsterdam the factory
    This store’s collection consists of jeans, shirts, sweaters, jackets, sneakers, caps and belts.

    The Factory is a trendy store, one that tries to blend jeans and fashion. Their collection is unique, because it offers an opportunity for the smaller brands as well as the larger ones. This draws a young and hip clientele, so if you’re trying to keep up, a visit to this store is essential. Success is guaranteed.

    The store has a rugged and robust look, but it is warm at the same time. This is reflected in the interior, which makes heavy use of natural materials, including stainless steel, wood and bricks.

    Replay, Diesel, G-star, Circle of Trust, Miss Sixty, Energie, Phard, Fornarina, Franklin and Marshall, Converse, Bjorn Borg, Rare, JC Rags, G-SUS, Scotch&Soda, 10 Feet, No-Lita, Guess, Nudie, Cast Iron, Uggs, Fred Perry