The Gamekeeper Spellenspecialist
Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

  • winkelen amsterdam the gamekeeper spellenspecialist
  • winkelen amsterdam the gamekeeper spellenspecialist
    Games, games, games! Boardgames, cardgames, RPG, puzzles, classic such as chess games, Go, backgammon, shuffleboards, Mahjong and many more.

    A store for game-enthusiasts, run by game-enthusiasts. But also for those looking for an original gift. You’ll find everything under one roof here and you’ll receive professional assistance.

    A relaxing atmosphere as you would expect. Go and do as you please, the kind of store you visit purely for fun.

    The owner himself is a true gaming-enthusiast, and for him, there is nothing more fulfilling than owning a store with a collection made up solely of games.

    999-Games, Asmodee, Avalon Hill, Bicycle, Cast, Clementoni, Copag, Days of Wonder, Decipher, Ein-O, Eureka puzzles, Falcon, Family Pastimes, Fantasy Flight Games, Flying Buffalo Games, Garde, Gigamic, Gipf Project, GMT games, Golaith, Haba, Hanus, Hasbro, Heemskerk, Heye, HOT Sports, Indentity Games, Jumbo, Kem, Longfield, Mattel, MB Spellen, Murmel, OID Magic, Parker, Phalanx Games, Phillos, Piatnik, Proffesor Puzzles, Ps-Games, Queen Games, QWT Games, Rackham, Ravensburger, Renzo Romagnoli, Scala, Selecta, Smart, Steve Jackson, Tantrix, Tease 7 Please, Think Fun, Ultra Pro, University Games, Upperdeck, Vendetta, Winning Moves, Wizards of the Coast, Wolters Norodhof en Zonnespel.