• winkelen amsterdam the headshop
  • winkelen amsterdam the headshop
    Beautiful clothing from Nepal and Indonesia, silver jewelry, and other Eastern items such as incense, paper lamps, water pipes (bongs), smoker’s needs, lighting ornaments and smart products (which come with an explanation of course). The store sells its own line of clothes and bongs.

    A distinguishing feature is that virtually all products are produced in-house, which makes the collection much more extensive and varied than the competition. This store was the first of its kind and has been active since 1968. This makes the staff very knowledgeable and experienced. They know what they’re talking about in this place and the staff will give you honest advice, as opposed to many tourist/souvenir shops. Many regulars know where to find this place; Dutch people, but also many loyal tourists who come back when they revisit Amsterdam. A pleasant extra is that all articles aren’t priced outrageously.

    The roots of the store lie in the Flower Power period which is easy to see. Friendly, quiet, relaxed, and accessible; everyone is welcome here. The Headshop is easy to reach from subway station Nieuwmarkt.