Amsterdam, Oud - West

  • winkelen amsterdam the parlour oud west
  • winkelen amsterdam the parlour oud west
  • winkelen amsterdam the parlour oud west
  • winkelen amsterdam the parlour oud west
  • winkelen amsterdam the parlour oud west
    This retro hair salon is a whopping 95 square meters in size, and divided over two floors. There is also a delightful garden, where you can get your hair done outside during the summer. Owner Carmen and her stylists Linda, Suzanne, and Katja form the regular barber team. Cutting, coloring, and hair styling are their specialties. Besides, freelance barbers and hair stylists can rent a chair here. This is truly a retro hair salon, which can be seen in the collection; Lucky Tiger, Moustache Wax, Murray’s, and Layrite – the best styling products of the movie stars of yore. Of course, this store is also well aware of the latest trends, and the collection also contains contemporary products by companies like L’Oréal and Fudge. You can walk in without an appointment.

    People aged 20 to 50 are welcome and often-seen guests. You’ll always get a personal do here, something that really fits. Everyone is welcome – from soccer playing women to rockabillies.

    The store is decorated entirely in the style of the 20s and 50s, with vintage furniture, kitschy appeal, and all kinds of stuff from grandma’s era. The atelier is downstairs, and the waiting room is upstairs, and it includes a spot where you can enjoy your own coffee, tea, and lemonade. Drift away to the lovely background music by artists like Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra, and settle on the couch with a magazine. Even the old Playboys of 1954 have been dusted off. All this, combined with top service and a customer friendly staff, makes this store very old fashioned and cozy. The staff is also highly professional. You can easily reach the salon by car, as there is ample parking for only 10 cents an hour.

    Soon you’ll be able to attend hair- and make-up workshops here. Have you been inspired by the paintings and statues from the 20s and 30s? Anything with a price on it is for sale!

    Layrite, Lucky Tiger, Fudge, and L'Oréal.