• winkelen amsterdam tis fris
  • winkelen amsterdam tis fris
  • winkelen amsterdam tis fris
  • winkelen amsterdam tis fris
  • winkelen amsterdam tis fris
    Ontbijt Dagkaart Borrel

    Café Tisfris has a well-earned reputation for being a delicious place to visit if one has the munchies. The menu includes, among other things, an extensive breakfast, healthy sandwiches, soups, salads, lasagna, cakes, hors d'oeuvres, coffee and tea, fresh juices, and smoothies. You can also use free wifi here. The lasagna and soups are made completely from scratch, and that makes a difference you will taste. Everything is marinated, grilled, and cooked right there in the kitchen. There are many vegetarian dishes on the menu, as well as fish and meat dishes. Be sure to ask for the daily soup and sandwich specials.

    All orders are prepared freshly using as many biological ingredients as possible. Pre-cooked products are never used. A lot of effort is put into presentation, which is great! There is an extensive selection of delicious and varied fresh sandwiches. The staff at Café Tisfris does its utmost to bring your order to your table as quickly as possible. This is very convenient when you are in a hurry (or just very hungry!) The location is popular with locals, tourists, students, and passers-by. This makes for a cozy mix of visitors. Dogs are welcome (if they are on a leash).

    Café Tisfris is quite large for a lunchroom. The sun-bathed patio on the waterfront is a real hit. You can see the world go past from here. The atmosphere is lively but casual and cozy. The interior is nice and well-lit thanks to the large windows, which also make for an excellent place to do some people-spotting. There’s a lot to see inside as well, thanks to the fun crowd and open kitchen.

    The neighborhood around Café Tisfris is very lively. You’ll find many unique stores here, such as used clothes stores. The St. Antoniebreestraat lies very close to the always cozy Waterlooplein and Nieuwmarkt. On Saturdays, there is a biological market on the Nieuwmarkt.

    Delicious wines (Spanish Ruede and Portuguese red wine), pastry by Patisserie Kuyt (award-winning pastry), and delightful homemade dishes.