Twin Arts
Alkmaar, Centrum

  • winkelen alkmaar twin arts
  • winkelen alkmaar twin arts
    Why don’t you stroll into Twin Arts Decoratie, where you’ll find absolutely everything related to interior decorating. Closets, indoors- and outdoors lighting, clocks, China, cutlery, chandeleers, coat racks, doorknobs, baby products, picture frames, Christmas products, greeting cards and more; it can be found at Twin Arts.  

    Fnidsen is a part of the historic town center with unique stores, and Twin Arts fits right in. For interior decorating, this is definitely one of the better stores in town. For 10 years now, the store has excelled with its broad and varied collection and exceptional service.

    The hand painted tables and chairs for kids will definitely surprise you!

    Sia, Comptoire, Braxton, Bugatti cutlery, Tierlantijn outdoor lighting.