Groningen, Centrum

  • winkelen groningen universiteitstheater
  • winkelen groningen universiteitstheater
    The University Theatre offers a wide spectrum of different artistic disciplines. For instance, you can attend lectures, comedy performances, dance recitals, theatre sports events, musical performances, plays and stage musicals.

    The theatre is run by a collaborative effort of student volunteers and employees, in order to create a bridge between culture, city and students. Behind the screens, students are in charge of the technical, programming and promotional aspects of theatre, and on stage they perform during courses on ranging from dancing to comedy to plays. This facilitates a friendly atmosphere and a hospitable theatre with a young face, that embodies audacity and ambition.

    This is a small theatre, and its atmosphere is correspondingly intimate and warm. The distance between the performers and the audience is small, which creates a close connection between the two. It is the ideal setting to inspire one another.

    In 2006, the University Theatre merged with Usva, a cultural student centre. Usva needed a second theatre, and the University Theatre was looking for a way to continue offering beautiful stage performances.

    The theatre offers a wide range of artistic expressions. It hosts performances in different disciplines, by renowned artists as well as unknown but promising young performers.