Van Apeldoorn & Faber Hout
Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat

  • winkelen amsterdam van apeldoorn faber hout
  • winkelen amsterdam van apeldoorn faber hout
    Wooden floors, no other materials. Mostly polished, expertly laid floors such as those with patterns and Bourgogne-floors. Basically, all kinds of woods are used.

    The two partners work in the store, and besides that, teams of expert floor layers are hired who can lay your floor if needed. The owners know the business from years of experience, more than the average salesman who only knows the theory.

    Functional. Van Apeldoorn and Faber pay little attention to the entourage of their store. They assume customers prefer a great, beautiful floor over a cup of coffee under a palm tree.

    Delivery and laying of pattern floors (such as the fishbone pattern) and restoring older flores in old buildings are specialties of Van Apeldoorn en Faber Hout. They also own a store in Hattem, where their warehouse is located.

    André and Jeroen have always loved working with wood. To sell their own products they started the store in Amsterdam. Floors are a hot product: great to talk about with customers and with an amazing result: when the (pattern) floors are laid, the home is finished.

    Among others: Teka, Lieverdink, Duoplank, Century, Chapel.