van der Klauw Technisch Materiaal en Licht
Leiden, Leiden Centrum

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  • winkelen leiden van der klauw
    In this store you’ll find electro-technical materials in the broadest meaning of the word. The collection consists of, among others, antennae materials, telephone and network products, switches, wall plugs in many different styles, wires and cables, lighting equipment, all sorts of (energy efficient) lamps, both for home use and for medical- or projection-applications, batteries and battery chargers, a huge collection of (LED) flashlights, connecting wires for audio/video etc.

    Because of the large diversity of products Van der Klauw can justify calling themselves “The best sorted electronic store in Zuid-Holland”. Because of the extensive collection, the company doesn’t merely draw consumers. Professional end users such as Leiden museums, several maintenance services and schools find their way to this store also. The quick delivery and expertise of the staff are typical for this store.

    The medium sized store is well-organized. The long wall with hundreds of compartments exudes old-fashioned appeal while the rest of the store is more functional and business-like. Because of the wall of compartments, customers can easily see what’s for sale.

    The store started under its current name in 1974. It was founded by Mr. vd Klauw senior. From 1989 onwards Mr. vd Klauw junior worked here, and he is the current manager.

    The store is located in one of Leiden’s most beautiful streets, both for atmosphere and stores. And besides the extensive collection of electronics, the store has a beautiful showroom.