• winkelen rotterdam van dijk
  • winkelen rotterdam van dijk
    There are people who avoid the Collection of Van Dijk out of self-preservation. One could quickly become addicted to these lovely designs by exclusive Dutch and Belgian designers. Furthermore you will also find a mix of designer labels which are not from Holland or Belgium, which makes this shop so special. This large collection, with the finest cashmere vests, xxl hand knitted jumpers, jogging trousers, pumps, dresses and classic smokings, is irresistible for the true lover.

    Van Dijk stands out due to its diversity. By combining design with everyday fashion, this fine boutique creates an eternal source of inspiration and new possibilities. The style of van Dijk is simple, original, sensual and androgyny. This uncommon mix gives your closet a boost very quickly.

    The nonchalance that this exclusive collection radiates can be traced back to the style-fully organized interior. Warm, fine, easy-going and hospitality are terms which seamlessly correspond with van Dijk’s living room atmosphere. In relaxing surroundings we offer you professional advice where can try on and combine clothes at ease.

    The area where Van Dijk is located, is known for its passionate shopkeepers. It is not uncommon to end up in a stylish courtyard of an Italian delicatessen shop on a lovely day, or have a good wine in between the shoppers. The authentic, 1930’s shops are a rarity in terms of the values of Rotterdam.

    Maison Martin Margiela, Spijkers en Spijkers, Vanessa Bruno, Paul Smith, April77, Christiaan Wijnants, Humanoid, Mada van Gaans, Schiesser, A.F.vandeVorst, Levi's, Havaiannas, Martine Viergever, MM6 en Martin Margiela shoes and accessories.