Villa Trepetie
Maastricht, Wyck

  • winkelen maastricht villa trepetie
  • winkelen maastricht villa trepetie
  • winkelen maastricht villa trepetie
  • winkelen maastricht villa trepetie
  • winkelen maastricht villa trepetie
    This country/cottage styled shop offers household goods, namely English and French orientated. You will find hand painted crockery, in- and outside lighting, long tables, dishware/cutlery cupboards, footstools, stools, kelims, French soap, chandeliers, plant pots, photo frames, wallpaper, curtains- and fabrics and candles.

    You won’t find any mass-products at Villa Trepetie, but only high quality hand made items. The collection has been arranged with care, and you will always be served with a smile.

    The appearance of the shop can best be described as: cosy and chic. The atmosphere is relaxed; this is mainly due to the jazzy background music, which is also for sale in the shop.

    Renate Souren started her shop six years ago in a tiny 17th century building. That’s were the name arose form. In the intervening time, the shop she started out of love for handmade products, is situated in a larger building but remained in the same street.

    Shortly we are going to open a coffee corner at the back of the shop, where one can drink something from our fancy dishware and eat a thing or two from an item baked in this dishware. The baking/preparing is visible through are open kitchen which has been organized in a country style too. The delicious baking aromas will enhance the atmosphere in the shop.

    Dishware: Bunzlau Castle, Burleigh, Emma Bridgewater, Tierlantijn in- and outside lighting, PTMD living accessories. Lume candles, Chivasso frabrics, Eijffinger wallpaper en frabrics: Casamance wallpaper, Aardeko furniture, Appletree doorsigns en Sissit Chairs.