Vooraf en toe
Leiden, Leiden Centrum

  • winkelen leiden vooraf en toe
  • winkelen leiden vooraf en toe
    This cosy lunchroom offers a delicious lunch and a spectacular view. Visit this great diner for Italian rolls with fresh toppings, home made soups and their popular apple pie. Besides this, Vooraf en Toe allows its guest to acquaint themselves with local artists' portfolios with rotating expositions.

    Vooraf en Toe is situated on one of Leiden's most beautiful canals, smack down in the middle of the town's historic center. From the patio boat or the heated patio you will have a brilliant view of the water and the Korenbeursbrug (a famous old bridge). Enjoy the cosy street market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    Regulars come here for the cosy French ambiance, the beautiful classical music and the personal attention they receive from the staff.

    Owners Hadi and Claudine used to work together at Theepaviljoen de Horsten in Wassenaar. There, they developed the idea to start their own business and eventually they realised their dreams in the form of Vooraf en Toe.

    Has won awards at the coffeetest by the Algemeen Dagblad (a Dutch newspaper). Open on sundays.