Week IN Week UIT
Maastricht, Wyck

  • winkelen maastricht week in week uit
  • winkelen maastricht week in week uit
    Week IN week UIT is a culture agenda publisher. They take care of Week IN Week UIT and the culture index MaastrichNet.

    It’s a very dynamic company, and they’re always at the front line regarding actual events. Culture lovers eagerly use their products. With their printed week agenda they reach about 13000 interested people. In addition approximately 3000 visitors visit the website

    It is in fact a combination of an office, workshop and livingroom. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed. The door is open throughout the summer. It’s a very accessible shop.

    Paul Pinxten started this shop with a journalistic viewpoint, because 18 years ago, and today, there is still large demand for this type of service.