Wolford Boutique Haarlem
Haarlem, Centrum

  • winkelen haarlem wolford boutique haarlem
  • winkelen haarlem wolford boutique haarlem
    Discover this jewel among the Haarlem fashion shops. This boutique embodies the personality and devotion that the large, standardized branches overlook. The assortment is very exclusive; quality stands at the front line. Indulge yourself with a beautiful night dress or spends some extra time with your daily ensembles.

    Wolford is seamlessly attached to many, independent businesses in Warmoesstreet: humanness is a priority. You will immediately feel at ease due to the house-like ambience and the approachability of our friendly personnel.

    Owner Yvonne van Gennip grants satisfaction by refining the looks and feelings of her customers. This caused her to create reliable connections with her set-customers, leading into pleasurable personal contacts with her clientele.