• winkelen amsterdam yogisha
  • winkelen amsterdam yogisha
    Yogisha is the place to be for yoga enthusiast looking for items to complement their yoga lifestyle. It is the first specialised yoga store in the Netherlands. Youíll find comfortable yoga clothes, yoga mats, yoga props, meditation pillows, mindfulness items, body care products and fun gadgets.

    This specialised store offers a wide collection of yoga clothes by foreign brands, that havenít been available in the Netherlands before. They have the right outfit for every kind of yoga. From tight to loose-fitting, made from, among others, fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo. The store draws in yoga enthusiasts who like to buy beautiful clothes and accessories; people who take care of themselves by taking a conscious position in their life and by paying attention to themselves.

    Yogisha has a calm, sleek and zen-like atmosphere, in a modern, fashionable and hip way.

    The Ceintuurbaan is a busy street in the middle of the Pijp neighbourhood, with a lot of yoga schools in the vicinity. The street has an elegant look to it, due to the large trees. Itís an exact fit for the store and its target audience.

    Urban Yogis, Shakti Activewear, Yamarama, Devi Activewear, Carrot, Banana & Peach, Bamboo Clothing, Wai Lana.