• winkelen amsterdam zilch 1
  • winkelen amsterdam zilch 1
    A collection of clothing for women from 25 to 50, looking for perfectly fitting, casual wear with timeless design. Only natural fabrics are used, and the prices are mid-range.

    A very attractive store, especially for those interested in fashion that never goes out of style and purely natural fabrics. A mixtures of silk and linen, cotton, silk and cashmere or stretch-satin and silk. Sizes range up to XXL! 

    Informal, casual. Zilch has been on the corner of the Haarlemmerstraat and the Singel ever since 1986 and in addition to many locals, it draws customers from far beyond Amsterdam. 

    Having started out as a pre-owned clothing store, Zilch has grown out to become a strong brand name, a familiar face in ladies fashion and wholesales. 

    Corel, King Louie, Noa Noa and of course their own brand Zilch.