Bossche Kwartier
Den Bosch


Praktische informatie

Openbaar vervoer
Elke zondag van 12.00 - 17.00 uur. 
Donderdag tot 21.00 uur 
Wolvenhoek - Wolvenhoek 12 
ABN AMRO - Nieuwstraat 79 

The Bossche Kwartier is a collective name given to the cosy streets around het Fonteinplein. It offers everything you might need for a wonderful day away from home. The beautiful historic buildings are home to a great number of exclusive fashion stores, as well as a designer outlet. This is where you can let your inner shopper roam free. And if you grow weary from all that shopping, you can park yourself in one of the restaurants and bars. Where to shop? Have a look at the shopping selection we made for you.


  1. Boet'nick
  2. Fuente
  3. Ravage
  4. Ravage
  5. Snoeperij Tum-Tum
  6. Van Warmerdam Opticiens