Den Bosch


Praktische informatie

Openbaar vervoer
Elke zondag van 12.00 - 17.00 uur. 
Donderdag tot 21.00 uur 
Wolvenhoek - Wolvenhoek 12 
ING - Kerkstraat 62 

This city’s charm has not gone unnoticed: a few years ago, Den Bosch’s city centre was voted the best in all of Holland. A city in which visitors can truly enjoy themselves. Exciting corners and historic landmarks ensure that the city’s history becomes visible and tangible. The small picturesque streets are set with old lanterns, and harbour a lot of bars and restaurants. The same holds true for the square around St. Jan’s Church, a historic landmark, where people can enjoy life, the city, and of course Den Bosch’s trademark pastry, the famous “Bossche Bol”. Where to shop? Have a look at the shopping selection we made for you.


  1. Addy van den Krommenacker
  2. Barrique
  3. Beau Luxe Lingerie
  4. Bettie Boek
  5. Biggie Best
  6. De Galazaak
  7. Down Town
  8. Dream Stones
  9. Duke
  10. Eetbar Dit
  11. FAAM
  12. Fair Women
  13. FELIZ Collections
  14. Fidelite Bruidsmode
  15. Fuente
  16. Galerie Majke Hüsstege
  17. Jafs Beads 4 U
  18. La Garderobe
  19. Malalel
  20. Malalel
  21. Malalel
  22. Moeders Mooiste Kinderwinkel
  23. Noordbrabants Museum
  24. Outfit by Ninke
  25. Pink Lemon
  26. RAW Interiors
  27. RAW Next
  28. Silvester Strips
  29. Yentl