• winkelen amsterdam jan
  • winkelen amsterdam jan
    Go and take a look at Jan. Although the name of this shop is short and simple, the assortment is extensive and varied: items for your interior (lamps, pillows, sets of dishes, tableware) and also fashion accessories such as purses, belts, jewelry and watches - in various styles and price classes. If you want to spend a lot or a little, the chances are you will find something unique at Jan.

    Design items for the interior and fashion accessories
    in all price classes.

    Jan is a stylish shop with a collection that deserves the title "design". A modern and attractive spot where you can count on friendly and personal service or just browse to your heart's content.

    Freitag, Iittala, Manhattan Portage Rosenthal, Tashen, Catherine Memmi Bernadette Kraanen (bags and t-shirts).