Praktische informatie

Openbaar vervoer
Elke zondag van 12.00 - 17.00 uur. 
Donderdag tot 21.00 uur 
Q-Park (La Vie) - Sint Jacobsstraat 1 
Lijn 2 
ABN AMRO - Choorstraat 22 

Utrecht, the centre of the Netherlands, and birthplace of famous Dutch writer Dick Bruna, ranks highly on Dutch people’s lists of favourite cities. And rightly so. Especially the compact and warm city centre is very popular. The old buildings and picturesque little streets provide a beautiful decor for a day of shopping, enjoying a few drinks or going out to dinner in a lovely restaurant. Rather unique is the possibility to descend along the canals to the level of the old wharf cellars, where you can have a couple of drinks or enjoy a nice meal by the waterside; it doesn’t get any more romantic. Where to shop? Have a look at the shopping selection we made for you.


  1. A.R.T.
  2. Aba-i
  3. Bigoli
  4. Bis Restaurant
  5. Bond & Smolders
  6. Brandmeesters
  7. Broers Stadscafé Restaurant
  8. CatchProjecten
  9. Cocon
  10. Covers Couture
  11. Culture Mix
  12. Daen's
  13. De Utrechtse Kinderboekhandel
  14. De Witte Ballons
  15. de Wolky Shop
  16. Hall of Frame
  17. hifi studio Wilbert
  18. Hill Design
  19. Jason King
  20. Juwelier Punte
  21. La Palmerie Fashion
  22. Lee Store
  23. Literaire Boekhandel Lijnmarkt
  24. New Tailor
  25. Noa Noa
  26. Noahs
  27. Notorious Clothing
  28. Optical art
  29. Stichting Theater Kikker
  30. Tailors & Co
  31. Winkel van Sinkel
  32. Zussen Lobby-Restaurant