Den Haag

  • winkelen shoppen den haag
  • winkelen shoppen den haag
  • winkelen shoppen den haag

    Den Haag is characterised by its political ambience and rigidity. Recognisable to all those who come and visit, because after all, it is the political capitol of the Netherlands. But one should never forget that this city has so much more to offer. the hague grandeur is emphasised by a beautiful decor of extraordinary streets and matching inhabitants. The hague is a city of jazz, and has much more to offer than men in suits. Take for instance the many museums and other cultural opportunities. And don’t forget: the beach is nearby. Where to shop in the hague? The city offers you a big variety of shopping streets and neighbourhoods with a high density of independent shops. Have a look at the selection we made for you.

    Shopping in…

    1. Denneweg
    2. Frederikstraat
    3. Hofkwartier
    4. Zeeheldenkwartier