• winkelen rotterdam bagel bakery
  • winkelen rotterdam bagel bakery
    The bakery has a mixture of Jewish and Arabic flavors and more, from yummy Jewish beef balls with fresh mint, to filleted fish balls with a tangy Moroccans fresh tomato flavor. They call it a “reconciliation kitchen”.

    Bagel Bakery offers a wonderful combination of Jewish and Arabic dishes and by this, proving that the two cultures can work hand in hand. With such a unique and varied selection of food there is sure to be something for everyone, and that with each visit to the bakery one can try something new and surprising.

    The business has a good atmosphere without extra trappings and is located in a lovely location.

    After the summer they are going to open a take away service in the cellar, in the same building. This makes it possible to collect a delicious meal to take home. Biological products are predominately used in their products, and you can tell!