Birkenstock Store
Rotterdam, Nieuwe Binnenweg

  • winkelen rotterdam birkenstock store 10a
  • winkelen rotterdam birkenstock store 10a
    This store has a large assortment of slippers sandals, toe slippers for children and adults. Besides this they have a lovely collection of brand named shoes. There is also always an offer on with the foreign collections, and specially made shoes from there own brand name, Birkenstock.

    Birkenstock combine fashion and comfort perfectly. These really cool, trendy sandals are not worn only because of their comfort, and support, but because one wants to be seen wearing this brand. This fashion item is a must in ones own personal wardrobe.

    The shop can be described as having a casual and grounded atmosphere. The actual layout is light and clear, whish enhances the displayed shoes.

    If there is no Birkenstock shop in your neighborhood, or you cant get to one this is not a problem. At www.sadalen.nl you can very easily order what you want.

    Birkenstock, Ugg, G-star footwear, Dr. Scholl, Le Coque Sportiv, Crocs, Walk in the park.