Boekhandel de Nieuwe Bengel
Dordrecht, Centrum

  • winkelen dordrecht boekhandel de bengel
  • winkelen dordrecht boekhandel de bengel
  • winkelen dordrecht boekhandel de bengel
  • winkelen dordrecht boekhandel de bengel
  • winkelen dordrecht boekhandel de bengel
    Boekhandel De Nieuwe Bengel is one of those great bookstores where you can browse for hours to find a new book. From prose to poetry, from art books to cookbooks, and from psychology to coffee table books: you’ll find it all under one roof here. De Bengel has been in downtown Dordrecht for over 40 years, and has a famous past. This store has a name to keep up, and has always remained an independent and surprising bookstore.

    Besides all the ‘Top 10 Books’ you’ll find many titles here that show a unique perspective. The import section is famous; besides important new books, De Bengel also carries many discounted books, many of which are only available here. These offers are frequently spotted in Dutch newspapers. But the “Bengels” are more than book salesmen; their motto is “if it’s not here, we’ll do it ourselves”, and they publish books and organize lectures themselves. Service and personal attention are key. Do you want to check out a book before buying it? Perhaps you’re interested in the current sale items? Feel free to drop in at Vriesestraat 35.

    De Nieuwe Bengel is located in a beautiful historic building. The atmosphere is a unique mixture of modern, nostalgic, and cultural. You’ll feel as though you’re in a Southern European town. The atmosphere is also open and cheerful, and you’ll get excellent service.

    This active bookstore obviously evolves along with the times. On the website you’ll find a separate page with unique books that have been in the news. And other interesting activities for book lovers. Together with the Schrijverspodium Dordrecht foundation, they have been organizing lectures since 1998, as nothing much was happening when it comes to literature in this town before that. This resulted in the founding of SchrijversPodium, which loves to get writers in touch with each other. The lectures are very popular, so be sure to register early!

    All popular titles, both Dutch as other languages, and an import section with surprising books.