Boekhandel Spijkerman
Eindhoven, De Bergen

  • winkelen eindhoven boekhandel spijkerman
  • winkelen eindhoven boekhandel spijkerman
    Not the biggest, but the best bookstore in Eindhoven. This is Stein’s Spijkerman’s motto, and he and his colleagues sell the better novels with unique and personal accents. Besides that there is a big selection of philosophical works to be found here.

    Spijkerman is a quality store, and they’re proud of it. There will be no cheesy commercial top 10 here; the customers immediately find what they really want. Because all employees are avid readers themselves, you’re also guaranteed good advice.

    The personal and unique selection of books makes for an atmosphere with the same qualities. The store isn’t full of busy displays. The books are put on beautiful tables which the regular customers love. Customers often comment: ‘people actually READ there!’

    Stein Spijkerman considers himself to be an avid reader who made his profession out of his hobby. After his study (Dutch) he ended up in the book business. Besides his store, Stein also leads a number of book clubs.