• winkelen den haag brun parket
  • winkelen den haag brun parket
    Brun Parket specialises in handcrafted wooden floors: mosaic floors, ‘bourgogne’ floors, lamels, laminate tapis strips and fishbone. All special motifs can be found here. It is also the place to be for maintenace (sanding and varnishing and renovation), maintenance products of polishing machine rentals.

    Most customers find this store through word-of-mouth advertising, and have often seen one of its beautiful floors at a friend’s house. “We give them the opportunity to choose a new floor in a relaxed atmosphere, and we also allow them to come back outside of business hours”, Mrs. Brun tells us. “Very popular at the moment, are the traditional floors, like for instance fishbone or mosaic, which are custom built after our own designs.” Each floor is measured and laid by the owner himself (who is of French origin).

    Brun Parket is the type of store where you’re always helped by the owner himself or his wife. This approach obviously works, because most customers tend to return when they are buying a new house.

    Owner Brun wants to have his own influence on the quality of the material he is offering. This is why he’s remained an independant businessman for over twenty years. And this is also why his floors are selling extraordinarily well.

    Karelia, Moso, Danplank, Teka, Hatowood, Berry floor, Kkrono.